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PC - Command And Conquer TIBERIAN SUN No CD Patch (FROM SKAFA) Crack




Is it alright to use a non-english language version of Ubuntu? r000t_: no, that's a silly question Nuttery:'man cp' r000t_: how do you mean r000t_: you can use any language you like Say I'm making a language pack and I want to use a non-English language version. Would that be OK? !locales | r000t_ r000t_: To set up and configure your locales, see and r000t_: there are known to be language packs for the world language packages I see, and you would say it's not a great idea to use a non-English version because they're different from the standard English version? r000t_: no r000t_: they are exactly the same so you've no idea why you would want to do that Well, that's the thing, I wouldn't be making a language pack. I would be making a program that uses that version of Ubuntu. r000t_: then you should use the original english edition of ubuntu I can't figure out where I found out about this myself r000t_: you can use any language you want cp seems to be a file copy utility r000t_: it's not for you to use any language version, r000t_: it's for you to use the one offered to you Nuttery: it is r000t_: you don't make a language pack, you use the local version Oh, well in that case it's alright, thanks. r000t_: if you want it for your




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PC - Command And Conquer TIBERIAN SUN No CD Patch (FROM SKAFA) Crack

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